Custom solutions

We develop tailored solutions for both large private sector companies with unique business processes, aligning with their ambitious goals, and for public sector clients, focusing on their specific objectives and public service responsibilities.

Areas of industries expertise

Security and defense



Business performance management

Research, science and health

Transport flow management

Our experience and competencies

Modern web apps

Risk profiling

Employee scheduling, shift planning and task management

Workflow management

Document distribution and management

Offline mode web applications

Data exchange services

Analysis and investigation solutions

Goal setting and management solution

Environmental protection and waste management

Data warehouse and BI solutions

Why collaborate with us?

Not only we provide fully customized solutions, but also offer to use existing solutions that can be adjusted according to the wishes and possibilities of the client.

We have been granted an Industrial Security Certificate by the Constitution Protection Bureau of the Republic of Latvia which makes us a verified and trusted cooperation partner and authorizes us to work with classified information.

The acquisition of both the ISO 9001 quality management system certificate and the ISO 27001 information security management system certificate demonstrates our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements, while also ensuring the highest standards of data security and information management.

Solution stack

Project tech stack

Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Spring Boot, Angular, React, Redux, MobX, HTML,CSS (Sass/Less), synchronous/asynchronous web services (REST, SOAP, WebSocket, GraphQL), Selenium WebDriver, Protractor, Oracle DB, PostgreSQL, Figma, Miro.

Architecture principles

A single-page web apps, clean code and architecture, cloud solutions, microservices, ESB solutions.

Major tools

IntelliJ IDEA, JIRA, Bamboo, Bitbucket, GitLab, SonarQube, Docker, Kubernetes, Elastic Search, Drools, jBPM, NodeRed, message queues, IBM i2, Neo4j.

Our clients